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Travel Times

Average travel time to work for downtown residents is 19.9 minutes, approximately 28.1% below the national average (25.5 minutes) and 39.1% below the state average (27.7 minutes). Over a quarter of downtown residents travel less than 9 minutes to work, a rate over twice the state (11.1%) and national averages (14%). The compact nature of downtown and the concentration of employment opportunities allow residents to avoid traveling significant distances.

transportation chart

Road System

Downtown is supported by an extensive and comprehenive transportation network that provides access to attractions, residential and commercial areas. Located minutes from downtown, Interstate 20 provides access east to South Carolina and west to Augusta and Atlanta. US. 25 and U.S. 1 converge downtown and link the area with points north and south. Several State Highways link the metro area’s 500,000 residents with downtown, each with adequate capacity to efficiently get people in and out.

Roadway traffic within downtown ranges from 2,905 to 4,490 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) along collectors and 17,807 to 21,864 along arterials. Roadways are classified by Level of Service (LOS), which is a qualitative measure used to indicate roadway capacity, ranging from A (free flow) to F (severe congestion). All roadways within the downtown area enjoy a Level of Service rating of C or better. This suggests that downtown is able to absorb additional development (and traffic generators) without overburdening the existing road system. U.S. Highway 1, just outside downtown but a major highway linking downtown with a population base of 200,000 in South Carolina, is currently operating at a LOS of D.

Downtown Roadways Daily Traffic and Level of Service
Roadway Segment

Daily Traffic

Level of Service

Reynolds Street



Broad Street



Green Street



Telfair Street



15th Street



13th Street



8th Street



Source: GDOT State Traffic and Report Statistics (STARS, 2004); ARTS MPO

Transportation is critical to health and continued growth of downtown. Augusta’s leadership and Planning Commission have targeted transportation improvement funds to maintain and expand downtown’s roadway infrastructure and increase capacity in surrounding areas to facilitate growth. A $1,350,000 project is currently underway to widen State Highway 4 from four to six lanes leading to Government Street. The $15,000,000 St. Sebastion/Green Street project involves modification and additions to streets and related improvements in the vicinity of the grade crossings at the CSX Railroad and 15th street. When completed, the project will enhance roadway circulation and provide better linkages to downtown’s business and medical districts, tourist destinations, as well as major arterials such as Riverwatch Parkway.

Pedestrian Transportation

With extensive sidewalk coverage and other pedestrian facilities, downtown is the most walkable district within Augusta. Approximately 15% of downtown residents walk to work, a rate 3 times the city average and 5 times the national average. The ease with which downtown residents can walk to work or reach other destinations has resulted in a flury of loft developments within downtown, particularily along Broad Street.



Public Transportation

Downtown is the center of the Augusta’s public transit system. Eleven of the transit system’s 13 routes originate or end downtown. Approximately half the routes serve primarily the downtown area, while the rest connect downtown with the rest of Augusta. Ridership in 2005 is estimated at 916,358.

Air Transportation

There are two airports within a 5 to 7 mile radius of downtown. Daniel Field, located on a 152-acre site at the intersection of Wrightsboro Road and Highland Avenue, is a general aviation airport and includes two runways, two hangars, outdoor tie-down areas, and a control tower. The airport is popular with recreation flyers and small businesses.

Augusta Regional Airport is a 1,500-acre commercial airport located along Doug Barnard Parkway (SR 56 Spur). Major facilities include an 8,000-foot primary runway, a 6,000-foot crosswind runway, a terminal, an air traffic control tower, a facilities maintenance office, and a weather service station. Two major commercial carriers serve Augusta Regional: Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Delta affiliate) and US Airways Express. Direct flight service is provided to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International and Charlotte’s Douglas International. Augusta Regional Airport is currently in the midst of a $30 million new terminal project.