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Land Use


Residential land uses are interspersed throughout the downtown area, with major concentrations along Broad and Green Streets. Housing is mixed within the commercial areas as well as located on the outer edges of downtown.

Residential land uses consists of a mixture of multi-family, duplex and single-family housing units. Broad Street includes second story loft apartments above commercial offices. The tallest structure is the 18 floor River Place Condominiums, located along 7th Street.


Commercial land uses, including office, retail and services are concentrated throughout the downtown area. Office uses are concentrated primarily along Broad Street, downtown’s financial center. Several banks, professional services firms and financial, insurance and real estate companies are located there. A concentration of several high-rise office buildings, including the Lamar Building, Wachovia Building and Sun Trust Building, are the single largest commercial use in terms of size. These office buildings bring in significant numbers of workers to the downtown area every day.

Restaurants and retail are interspersed throughout downtown, with the highest concentration along Broad Street. Area residents and office personnel benefit from the mixture of personal services. Over a dozen restaurants cater to lunch crowds from nearby offices. Several more are located elsewhere downtown.

First Friday on Broad St. Augusta, GA


Public land uses are concentrated along Broad and Green Streets. These are anchor facilities that produce spin-off businesses and services. Facilities include Augusta government buildings, the Augusta Public Library, and the Richmond County Board of Education.

The western part of the district encompasses primarily medical and educational facilities.

Augusta Golf & Gardens